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Alliance of Civilization Project
Promoting diversity, mapping perceptions and      opening dialogue on civilization issues

There is a significant lack of information in Albania concerning the debate that revolves around the issues of relations between different civilizations, religions and cultures. This shortcoming becomes all the more apparent when it comes to the opinions of contemporary non-Western authors, and even in the case of authors from the Balkan region. Albania is a secular country, but it has a population that has traditionally been divided into three religions (Muslim, Orthodox Christian and Catholic) and four faiths (the Muslims being divided into Sunni Muslims and Bektashi Muslims). However, up to date there have been very few serious discussions into such issues as the relations between religion and secularism, the recent global developments that concern the re-emergence of religion as a factor of political mobilization, the relations between religion and nationalism or even on the phenomenon of terrorism. A vacuum exists that becomes all the more obvious when it comes to publications concerning these areas.  
The collapse of Communism and the consequent opening of the country to the outside world set in motion a series of complex transformation processes. But, be that as it may, fifty years of isolation cut Albania off from the international trends, standards and developments and the negative effects of this long isolation are still present.
The main project objectives are:

The project consists of the following components/activities, which are closely linked and in function of each other.

3.  Debates at Universities on Civilizations Issues
4. Organization of  TV Talk Shows on Civilization Issues
5. Organization of one Essay Competition with High School  Students.
6. Documentary on religious co-existence in Albania
7. Translation and projection of the two documentaries of the series of the Alliance of Civilizations
This project is implemented in cooperation with the Institute of Dialogue and Communication and is supported by UNESCO.


 "Dialogue" series