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pinSeptember 4 - 6, 2014: Balkan Perspectives & Global Challenges (in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer)
pinSeptember, 2014: Social Media , Privacy & Defamation -- Training Course (in cooperation with CRD)
pinSeptember 12, 2014: Roundtable on online media (in cooperation with ADA)
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Media on media - articles on current media problems!
Media për median - shkrime rreth problemeve të sotme të medias!
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Report on digital media in Albania
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Pussy RiotThe regional conference "Media and journalism in South East Europe - Captured by particular interests or turning to serve the public?" was held in Tirana on June 12-13. About 70 journalists, editors, media owners, public officials, and civil society representatives from the Balkans and other countries participated in the conference. The conference was hosted by the Albanian Media Institute, in the framework of regional project of the SEE Media Observatory. The Observatory, a regional partnership of civil society organizations from seven countries, organized the regional conference to discuss issues of media integrity ...more
The Albanian Media Institute invited journalists and media experts to participate in the professional debate "Media on media", with articles on the main trends of media development.This debate aims to identify and analyze ....more
- Improving Media Freedom and Media Professionalism in Albanian Media
- South-East European Partnership for Media Development
- South East European Media Observatory: Building Capacities and Coalitions for Monitoring Media Integrity and Advancing Media Reforms
- Media Accountability in SEE
- Improving access to information for media and citizens
- Journalism and human rights weeks
Media Talk
Regional Conference of the SEE Media Observatory in Tirana

Human Rights Week training for journalists...

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Instituti Shqiptar i Medias ftoi gazetarët dhe opinionistët e medias që të merrnin pjesë në debatin profesional "Media për median", me shkrime rreth prirjeve kryesore të zhvillimit të medias. Ky debat identifikon dhe analizon ....më tej
Human rights stories are rarely found in Albanian media. In order to increase the awareness of journalists in this aspect, Albanian Media Institute, with the support of the Civil Rights Defenders, has undertaken the organization of a series of training courses to improve the coverage of human rights in the media . Click here to read the articles on this topic, published in Albanian press.