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Coverage of news on media sector is frequently selective, not systematic, and often differs from one media to the next. Even though it is expected that media organizations would be the ones with greatest interest in reporting on media development, the monitoring of news coverage in practice testifies to a different trend. In order to have a better perspective of the way that media covers media developments, this sector will serve as an archive of "Press Review" containing articles on developments in the media sector in daily newspapers.

Hopefully, this section will serve as an archive for interested journalists, media researchers, experts, academics, and other persons that seek information on media news. This space could also serve as a space of reflection and media critique, for a more in-depth view of how media covers media, the criteria for selecting news on media, and a comparison of how the same event is covered by different media outlets.

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Media Watch is a section of our website that will focus especially on news, events, and materials related to freedom of expression and any other relevant developments in the media. This will serve as a monitoring and reporting system of all cases of violation of freedom of expression in Albania to the international organizations of the freedom of expression, such as IFEX, Article 19, Committee to Protect Journalists, Council of Europe, OSCE, IFJ, WAN, EJTA, UNESCO, etc.  Similarly, the reports will be sent to regional media organizations, such as South East Europe Media Organization (SEEMO) and South East Network for Professionalization of the Media (SEENPM.) 

Media Watch will include alerts and statements on the cases of violation of freedom of expression (violence, physical pressure, lawsuits against journalists, etc.) In addition, this component will also involve drafting of briefing papers on some of the main issues related to freedom of expression, such as legislation interventions on defamation, access to information, and audiovisual policies, new media and freedom of expression, media transparency, and other pressing issues. Finally, international or national reports on freedom of expression in Albania, recent related research on media and ongoing media debates will also be part of the Media Watch. Media Watch is carried out with the kind support of European Union.